Dr. Peter Merkle First to Perform Agility Total Ankle Replacement in South Florida.

Doctor, Sex Therapist and Coach now Walking and Dancing!

South Florida Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Peter Merkle helped change the life of a Boca Raton tennis coach when he performed the first total ankle replacement surgery in the tri-county area in December. Since then he has done 7 other successful total ankle replacement surgeries, including dentist Dr. Paul DeMaso and sex therapist, Phillip Solomon.
Until now, ankle surgeries have been performed by fusing bone directly to bone, eliminating ankle mobility. In the new ankle replacement surgery, diseased bone is removed and the Agility Ankle is inserted to keep bones from rubbing against one another. The device imitates cartilage and permits the ankle to have enough room to move. "I'm very pleased with the way all the operations went. The ankle replacement, known as the Agility Ankle, took 3 hours to insert during each surgery. They went extremely smoothly and I think my patients will be very pleased with their new ankles," said Dr. Merkle. "It's great because this new state-of-the-art procedure will help so many people."


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