Dr. Merkle isn't in the press as frequently as former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Coop, BUT he has been frequently featured for his terrific orthopaedic work.

MediaOne TV - April 6, 1999

Sun-Sentinel - March 28, 1999
"Little pieces of plastic used to rebuild ankles"

WPTV/NBC - March 24, 1999

Pompano Times - January 6, 1999
"Pompano surgeon uses 'Agility Ankle' in first South Florida surgery"

Lighthouse Point Deerfield Times - January 7, 1999
"Deerfield surgeon pioneers ankle replacement"

The Palm Beach Post - December 31, 1998
"Ankle replacement 'great,' relieved coach says"

The Palm Beach Post - December 9, 1998
"Boca Raton athletic coach gets a new $7,000 ankle - Ankle replacement gains surgical toehold"

WIOD AM News Radio - December 7, 1998


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